The Beginning of Swinging 

When I joined Twitter, I could never foresee what would happen in terms of opening Pandora’s Box. 

Latex evolved to female attraction to swinging. A big leap? I’m not sure if there is a link. For a long time I felt I was in two camps with regards to kink v swinging. 

What started with seeing a female in a latex dress who was a real person, followed an incredible journey over the following months.

Flirting initially for a few months via images, words and fantastic flattering sub tweets to the eventual meeting for a drink and clearly we clicked. I’d never experienced this before. That afternoon whilst sat in a gay bar sipping a cocktail she asked if I’d like to kiss her. 

I very much wanted to, with the help of alcohol to hide my nerves & embarrassment we did.

Initially we were to meet alone in a hotel one night but after a conversation with my husband & knowing they both swung, I asked if he would like to come with me to their house. He said he would (which did surprise me). 

We went along with him thinking he might only be watching. How very wrong he was.

We had such a good evening in terms of a great first. We understand that many have not had good firsts or indeed seconds. This was not the case & I think if it had been bad we wouldn’t have continued down this path. 

A social with great food, wine, laughs ensured the evening started well. After dinner we ventured into the living room where my new friend sat down very close to me. 

A photo was taken of us kissing. Then suddenly after a few minutes my husband asked if we can kiss again & then asked for my dress to be unzipped. 

What followed was an experience I’ll never ever forget. I laid on the floor and had my underwear removed, where upon I was kissed from mouth downward. 

There was this silence, I could almost imagine the men sipping cognac and smoking cigars. A few comments were made by her husband as we then swapped. 

I kissed her, then moved slowly downward. This was now feeling like the most natural thing in the world and I was loving it. 

Then we asked if the men would like to join in, without hesitation they said yes and started to undress. The three of them all gave me attention. I was in a moment of bliss enjoying not only another female but also the added experience of three mouths & pairs of hands. We then turned our attentions to her for the same experience.

We then swapped partners and in between chat, wine and lots of laughs the evening was suddenly over, it was the early hours and it had flown. 

The next morning we woke with a smile and laid in bed chatting over the night before and all the unexpected feelings of what turned us on and agreed we would love to do it again and soon.

As for my first “girlfriend” we are still in touch, still chat and still make each other smile.

If you are thinking about venturing into this as a couple I would say there are lots of things to consider but highly recommend it as once you’ve done it, it’s very addictive. 

Facts about me 

1. I’d only had sex with 1 person up to the age of 43 (& he I).

2. We were together over 3 years before we had sex

3. We were a two for 15 years before we had a child

4. I arranged a threesome for his big birthday ~ we loved it

5. We’ve swung for 3 years

6. I realised I was Bi from my love of latex & joining Twitter 4 years ago

7. I’ve met so many good people from here (& some not so good)

8. I love meeting new people & enjoying others open mindedness

9. I realised I’m less a swinger & more Poly

10. How I look/act is deceiving

11. I’ve fallen in love with people here. I believe you can love others, like you do your friends, children, partner. A connection is that.

12. After my account of 35k followers, I called it a day when my 17 year old told me had known about it for 3 years & left home (She’s back)

13. I’ve fallen on dark times here from frienemies. The intrigue that turns to envy at my freedom. But the good have outweighed the bad.

14. The two people I grew closest to here, we don’t follow each other but still chat. Leaving it on a good note puts your demons to rest.

15. I married into a family where nobody is separated/divorced. That’s 8 families with 24 of us.

16. I’ve had a 3,4,5,6 some in last 3 yrs.

17. I spent my first all night Girl on Girl at the Park Plaza Hotel & woke to the best view (all round!)

18. I’m terribly loyal.

19. Advice on twitter: never get involved with others disputes. It’s not your business & there’s always more than one side to the story.

20. I hope to spend another 32 years with @Red_Hand_Gang, at least. He’s my rock & I ❤ him.

My Twitter Journey

  Even now I have friends who say “I don’t get Twitter” & I just smile & nod. For 9 months I tried the vanilla route everyday & it just didn’t really inspire me very much.
Then one day an American man (who I still chat to) followed my account & I had to message him & ask him why as his was clearly a kinky account.
Twitter suggests by similar accounts & by my following a mutual account had lead him to me. We conversed ad-hoc until my husband suggested I set up an alternative kinky account.
I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams where this would lead to & the discoveries it unlocked in my mind but also in real life. 
So in May 2013 I set up @sub_liminal_
This account was purely for me to enjoy & post latex & fantasy images. I think I got lucky in who I found to initially follow, many “real” accounts with similar interests & kinks.

I soon realised that women looked amazing in latex & with this came my first bi-curious thoughts I’d ever had.
I found a group where we bounced tweets off each other (still do but under group DM now). I found people gravitated towards our banter & so I unlocked my account so images could be re-tweeted. The initial buzz of a very quick follower growth which was flattering for a while was not my reason for my account though.
10 months later I set up my first single & group meet on the same day in London. Being naive I didn’t realise that all those women sat round for dinner were bi/curious. I had my first female kiss that day & this lead on to us as a couple discovering swinging.
A month later we experienced our first soft swap evening, which quickly lead on to full swap two months after that at our first swinging club party.
In total I have gone on to meet 53 people from Twitter & these meets have ranged from social, kisses, dancing, clubs, pubs, hotels & play in their house/our house. 
Some have been a one off meet & others have progressed to more.
The journey has been amazing, exhilarating but with that comes huge highs & deep lows. Twitter did not prepare me for some of the feelings I’ve encountered in the last two years. 
Up to this point, I’ve always had a stable, controlled life. A life long partner of 30 years. I’m a strong minded, driven female, self employed who set my business up from nothing with a two year old & steely determination. Often I’ve been told I think like a male which I’m inclined to agree with to a certain extent. So what looking back has it taught me?

The Good Bits: Obviously the high. I am lucky that I’m in a relationship with much freedom (however there are still rules to adhere to). With him by my side, I am the person I am today, no doubt about that. He gives me my strength.
Meeting new people from here has been fantastic. I’ve met some great people, some great friends who I continue to chat with & meet up with. 
The new experiences which are ever evolving & changing are something I embrace & enjoy. I’ve lived out some fantasies & dreams. Initially virtually & then in reality. 

The Sad Bits: Like life you can’t sail through it expecting it all to be positive. I don’t think I realised how many vulnerable, complex or sad people there were till I really got into Twitter. It also has highlighted my own moods more than ever before in my life. 
My biggest bug bear is people who talk lots and don’t really mean what they say. It’s a regular pattern here so I’ve realised that it’s my issue to not take their words or suggestions to heart anymore as it just means they are different to me. 
With meeting so many, some I’ve stayed in touch with ad-hoc & these are on-going now. The ones where I’ve met them more than once, there was a stronger connection, some have fallen by the way side. But this, like anything in life is a normal natural progression because we change & evolve. With the strongest connections it’s been hard to let go & I miss them with the one off meets, it was fun and I’ve been “c’est la vie” about it. 

Summary: Would I change this journey? Absolutely not, it’s made me who I am today with all the ups & downs. There is still so much I want to go on to do & experience & that never stops, it shouldn’t for any of us.


We pull up at the party. You come round to open the door. You are wearing a fitted crisp white shirt, tight black trousers. You have a different look in your eye. You open the car door and pull me out on a lead.
I stand teetering on ballet boots, latex catsuit and I’m wearing a collar and cuffs in steel. 

I smile nervously. You turn me around and plait my hair in a thick braid.

“Don’t be nervous, BUT you stay close to me and when I ask you to do something, promise me you’ll do as I say”
I nod….

“Say yes I will”…I repeat “yes I will”
You pull me closer, unzip my crotch and feel me…

“You maybe nervous baby but it’s having the desired effect, now follow me”…at which you tug gently knowing I have to walk very slowly in these boots. I’ve been practicing for weeks now but still the strain on my ankles makes me take a sharp intake of breath as I catch myself to stand straight.
I lick my red glossy lips and smile a confident smile. It’s hiding my anxiety at the unknown.

As we approach the front door it suddenly swings open, the host is a TV, and he looks amazing. He welcomes us in and as we wander into this huge hallway, I stand looking around at the decor, very flamboyant. A lot of effort has been put into decorating this large house.

He hands you a glass and as he picks up another one, you tell him that I won’t be needing a drink…I go to speak but one look tells me I best not. You have made it clear that I’m not going to make any decisions tonight. They are all yours. 

We wander past one room where people are already playing, a woman in a corset and heels with laced up stockings is kneeling holding her partners drink in one hand and his cock in the other.

You flash me that wicked smile, your eyes almost a glint of wickedness. “We are going to have some fun tonight”…

The next room is empty, in fact locked. You produce a key from your pocket and unlock the door. You turn around and tell me that you are going to attach my lead to the door handle where I must kneel and wait. 

My breath quickens at the thought of being left alone. “It’s fine” you say, just do this for me please?

The agony of saying yes against the wanting to say no….”show me you want to be my submissive” you say and I nod and look at the floor. 

Your tone changes & you firmly say “now do it, kneel”

I do this and watch you tie the lead to the handle. You come behind me and put a blind fold on me, then a spider gag.

I hear you say Hmmmm and then the door opens and your footsteps fading as you shut the door and then silence. 

I’m not sure how long I wait. Is there anyone else at this party? Occasionally though I can hear voices and laughing but it seems so far away?

Eventually I hear stiletto heels approaching me. I can’t see, I can’t speak and my heart quickens. I know these heels have stopped and are standing next to me. I wait to be touched….nothing…..then the door opens and I hear you speak. “She’s mine, do you want to play with her?”

I tilt my head upward to your voice and then backward to try and hear the other voice. It’s female.

You untie me from the door handle and lean in to tell me to stand, right after I feel the tip of your tongue trace my lips around the gag.

It’s hard to explain how I’m feeling right now. Me, the confident headstrong who all day long makes decisions and controls her life but now, right now I’m revelling in letting go and I know you are revelling in taking control. It’s a great balance and I “think” I trust you. The trust is questionable as I have no idea what is about to happen. 

I stand and feel the other woman’s hand guide me into the room. I realise the hall had been cool and entering this room, it’s much warmer. 

You sit me on a sofa, it’s big and comfy but firm. I hear you say to the female to get undressed, leaving just her ouvert knickers and bra on. 

The frustration of not knowing what they look like, what she’s wearing has my hearing senses on overdrive. 

I hear you say to her “you have a beautiful arse”, do you want to see hers? 

She purrs a reply, I decide she’s foreign but cannot work out from where?

I feel her nails glide over my latexed nipples and she’s licking the material. Instantly they go hard and go to bite my lip, I cannot, I’m still gagged. I put my hand up to feel the spider gag, my jaw aches. 

“No” you chide, it stays on. “Now turn around for me”

I turn kneeling forward against the back of the sofa as I feel you unzip my crotch, exposing me…I visually drip as you run your finger along my pussy. I hear you taste it as you suck your finger.

Suddenly I realise there isn’t just three of us in the room. There’s a shuffling. How many people are in here? They are being deathly silent?

Seeing me tilt my head backward you almost read my mind. “We do have an audience, I want to show you off”.

A mix of excitement & embarrassment washes over me. The first over taking the second.

I feel you rub my arse with cold gel, massaging it & then you spank my pale skin, checking to see how much wetter I’m becoming the more you do it and watching it flow to red. You move around the back of the sofa and I hear you unzip and the tip of your cock is rubbing my mouth. I can feel your pre cum. Desperate to lick it, I push my tongue towards it. You take a sharp breath and push it deeper into my mouth. 
Whilst you are doing this I feel a plug being pushed into my bum. I start to lean upward but you hold the plait and keep me steady in place. “Concentrate on me please”.

The long nails of this woman are now trailing over my bum cheeks, then her mouth is licking me. Pushing deep, sucking on my clit. I’m completely filled and I’m loving it.

“She tastes good doesn’t she?” I hear you speak…”like cream”

As you push into me I hear you say “you want to taste me, don’t you?” I nod.

“Not yet” I should have known, I’m a long way off that.

I feel you withdraw & unzip the cover of each breast to expose my nipples. You roll my nipples between your thumb and finger & there’s a sharp hard pinch. I wince as I realise you’ve attached clamps. I’m cross but oh so turned on. “Good girl” you say…

You swap with the female, she positions herself in such a way that I can just about feel her lips, the gag stopping the full force of her. She moans, her desire obvious.

You twist the plug, pushing it in and then tugging it, rubbing my pussy, pushing your fingers in. I moan, a raw guttural groan. 

“My girl likes this”, your voice is smiling, then it changes as I feel you remove the plug and you are instantly pushing your cock into my arse, filling me. Holding my plait as you ride me, back and forth. 

“She’s been waiting for this, for a long time”, “I said I’d make it memorable”. You are speaking to the room. 

Your thrusts increase and you get faster, harder. You must have indicated for the female to step away. I feel the taste of her on my lips. You hold my hips as you continue to pump me whilst occasionally reaching around to feel my wet pussy, flicking my clit. The slick wet cum lapping, you pull me back by my hair, holding my neck as you push your fingers into my mouth. “Taste baby”

I lick your fingers as best I can. I’m desperate now, my jaw is a dull ache. Caught between wanting more and wanting you to release me. 

You withdraw and pull me back to lay on my back, you pull the blind fold off, my eyes adjusting but it’s a dimly lit room, I blink looking round to see so many people watching us, silent, holding fluted glasses. They are all wearing masks. You tell me to look at you and as I do you wank & drip your cum over my lips, the gag and into my mouth. Never have I want it more than now, I choke a bit as I can’t close me mouth to swallow…”keep looking at me” you say. “I own you”…”I can do what I want and I know you want this”

I feel a tear trickle down my face. It is what I want, you know this, you have the sixth sense to know exactly what I crave.

Right now I’m in ecstasy, as you rub the cum over my lips with your cock, then lean down and lick my lips, flicking my tongue with yours. 

For a second I think you are going to remove the gag but then you say “whose next?”

The Female Attraction

“The Female Attraction”

For 40 years I regarded myself as straight. I was straight.
It seems the turning point was following a conversation with an old school friend who told me she’s Bi and it sowed a seed in my head that slowly grew. Initially I went from shocked to horrified to amused to intrigued.

After my awakening and discovering I had a kink for the love of latex images and realizing that women do have beautiful bodies, I started to think in a whole new way.

Initially my fantasies were imagining myself and another female fully clad in latex slowly discovering each other. Just over a year on and although that has yet to happen, so much more has in a wonderful embracing, sensual mind fucking way.

I had been on Twitter for 6 months when I started to chatting with a female who asked to be my virtual sub. We engaged in sexting at great lengths for hours. I had a huge high from this and there was a memorable occasion where I stood in my kitchen, she was in hers and I brought myself off. This went on for a few months.

Then one day I noticed a “real” female wearing a stunning latex dress.
I commented on how good she looked in it and we started to chat via DM and quickly exchanged face photos. What followed was a few months of flirting till I finally met her in London where we shared wine, cocktails, adult shop browsing & then finally her asking to kiss me. My first time, had she not encouraged me I know I would have chickened out. I found her tactile, warm & attractive.

I knew right after that moment that this was not to be a one off. It opened up a whole new experience of future pleasures. Pandora’s box was opened.
The softness, the pheromone of another woman (a very sexy woman at that) is something I wholeheartedly encourage other women to at least experience once.

We met again with our respective partners at their home where we experienced our first soft swap. My husband asked us to kiss and then asked her to unzip my dress. Any first experience is special if there’s a connection it’s memorable. This was that and more and something I’ll never regret but will cherish.

Since that leap of sexuality, I have gone on to experience some amazing nights with women, both alone and together. This has ranged from sensual, kink (holding her collar and lead whilst she whispered my darkest fantasies in my bed at 4am) to a “date” of cocktails in a London Hotel over looking Westminster to unexpected kisses on nights out.

We have enjoyed swinging together (that’s another blog) but all have been special to me in different ways.

I’ve certainly been busy when I look back over the last 18 months, but for me its not about racking up numbers, it’s about friendship, connection and enjoying the person socially as well.

Women in their everyday relationships have more of a connection than men and for me personally I need and want that with women.


We all have Fantasties but some come along for no apparent reason.  Do they sit in your subconscious and suddenly enter into your consciousness?

I have had many over the last few years but this is how it started (more followed)

About 7 years ago, my friend and I were sitting in my little office looking up things on line.  I can’t remember what, but the site Heavy Rubber came up first and she clicked on it.  We both laughed and she said “what the feck is this site?” (she’s Irish).  I laughed and looked with her but it was embarrassing and nervous laughter from both of us.

However after she left, I went to have another look.  I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  In fact I probably visited that site daily for 6 months or more.  Looking at the small video clip of a woman putting a man in a latex bag and the clip of her heels really turned me on.

I bought cheaper off the peg latex open knickers and a nipples bra but they weren’t anything amazing.

Years rolled on and I couldn’t get the latex love out of my mind.  I explored more photos and realised that they made me very turned on and wet.

I used to have sex and close my eyes, imagining I was standing in the bathroom mirror with a latex hood on, open crotch cat suit, high boots and strangely enough a woman licking my pussy.  It brought me off again and again.

One night my husband asked me whilst he was licking me to tell him my fantasies.  Now this is the strange thing about being married for so long as I’m sure many can appreciate.  Things get comfortable and there are inhibitions and taboo’s even with your nearest and dearest.  But in the throws of passion and the fact I was about to cum I told him.

Shortly after that he ordered me a hood but sadly it wasn’t any good.  There was no zip on the back, and you nearly took your neck of trying to get it on.  That was returned and nothing more ventured.

Then a few years ago for various reasons he suggested we go up to London for the day.  We had been sharing the Libidex site of likes and favorites for ages.  So we had a day out and in the afternoon found the very small (to my surprise) shop.  It was just off a cross roads in the back streets of Covent Garden.

You had to ring on the bell to get in.  I was embarrassed but excited too.  There was rails of latex bits like stockings and a glass cabinet of collars and pretty sparkly accessories.

What hit me and what I didn’t expect was the smell of the latex.  I remember saying to my husband what’s that smell?  I wasn’t sure if I even liked it.  It was sweet and a little overpowering.

The Assistant indicated to the stairs that most of the clothing was downstairs in the basement.  So we ventured down into a surprisingly biggish area.

We looked through the ton of rails of cat suits, tops, skirts etc.  There was a little gap and through it was a sex swing in black leather and more clothing.  There was also my favourite photo in poster size on the wall of a model laying on a sofa with a complete suit and hood on.

What I really wanted though was a hood.  Now Libidex’s big thing is online and they only had a few and only one with the hair bit and in my size.

The Assistant came down to see how I was getting on, she offered to help me put on the hood.  I immediately thought no, that’s embarrassing but then thought get a grip this woman does this all day long.  I think the real embarrassment was my husband seeing me for the first time wearing it and me seeing myself.  It was like uncovering someone else if you know what I mean.

He had already started calling me the dark mistress and I would joke about my alter ego.

She showed me how to put it on after tying my hair back at the nap low.  Then she zipped me up.  I stared in the mirror and asked my husband what he thought as if we were buying a sofa.

He just said very nice and nothing in his expression gave anything away.  She then advised me on the best way to put on the cat suit as it had feet and about getting as much air out of it as you put it on, using plenty of talc.

I took forever but thought I’m here, we aren’t in a rush and I was determined to get it on.  It must have taken forever and every now and then he would look though the curtain on the other side.  Then it got to the  bit where it needed to be zipped up at the back.  He pulled the zip together whilst I fretted that he was going to catch my bum on the zip.  Eventually up it went .

The feeling was just incredible.  He liked the cat suit a lot.  He then did the most erotic thing.  He unzipped it at the crotch and put his hand to my pussy.  His eyes darted up and he said you are so wet.  I was soaking.  He fingered me and I felt his hard cock through his trousers.  He kissed me but I knew I had to compose myself and snap out of it. We were in a shop and I didn’t want to get thrown out.